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Thank you, Comcast.

On 2/26/16 9:15 AM, Mike Hammett wrote:
> I think you'd be hard pressed to find more than a tenth of a percent of
> people attempt to run their own DNS server. Some do because they think
> it'll be better in some way. Rare is the occasion where anything user
> configured would outperform a local DNS server managed by the ISP that
> does no form of trickery.

"does no form of trickery"

Therein lies the problem.  Can we trust ISPs to be honest about not 
messing with our traffic?

Kudos to you if you can say that with a straight face :-)

Doesn't matter how many people actually have what we think is a 'valid' 
reason to do it.  People have their reasons, may it be because of 
performance, or what they perceive as CDN issues, or just not trusting 
their provider.

Brielle Bruns
The Summit Open Source Development Group
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