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Ticketmaster Blocking IPs?

Hello folks,

I'm grasping a bit at straws here, and really hope maybe somebody has some
knowledge that may assist in getting an answer where we've been met with

We're a small isp who unfortunately is dealing with our entire range of IP
blocks being restricted on what appears to be a permanent basis from
TicketMaster's services. We've attempted all avenues available to reach out
to them, between their NOC contact and their... client support contacts...
to no avail. Unfortunately, the ones caught out in the cold at this point
have been the end users who as a result cannot utilize Ticketmaster...

I'm hoping someone can offer some insight if they've been down this path
before, or further, if you're from Ticketmaster, contact me off list to
trade coordinates so we can resolve this quickly.


Ryan Gard