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Cogent & Google IPv6

Anyone know what's actually going on here?  We received the following
information from the two of them, and this just started a week or so ago.

*From Cogent, the transit provider for a branch office of ours:*

Dear Cogent Customer,

Thank you for contacting Cogent Customer Support for information about the
Google IPv6 addresses you are unable to reach.

Google uses transit providers to announce their IPv4 routes to Cogent.

At this time however, Google has chosen not to announce their IPv6 routes
to Cogent through transit providers.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and will notify you
if there is an update to the situation.

*From Google (re: Cogent):*

Unfortunately it seems that your transit provider does not have IPv6
connectivity with Google. We suggest you ask your transit provider to look
for alternatives to interconnect with us.

Google maintains an open interconnect policy for IPv6 and welcomes any network
to peer with us for access via IPv6 (and IPv4). For those networks that
aren't able, or chose not to peer with Google via IPv6, they are able to
reach us through any of a large number of transit providers.

For more information in how to peer directly with Google please visit

Ian Clark
Lead Network Engineer