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SFP modules will generally have UPC connectors. You therefore need to use
cables with UPC at one end and APC at the other end.

If you use a APC-APC cable you will have 3-6 dB of optical loss. If it is a
short connection and you are out of correct cables, it will usually work.
On longer connections you need the extra power budget.

As to where to buy, I will suggest fiberstore.com.



On 23 February 2016 at 14:12, Lorell Hathcock <lorell at hathcock.org> wrote:

> NANOGians:
> APC wins!
> My real question is surrounding the connection on the SFPs themselves.
> In general terms are the LC connectors on SFPs considered UPC or APC?
> If the answer is UPC and if I am inheriting and/or building a network of
> single mode fiber with APC SC connectors, then is the best practice to use
> LC UPC to SC APC fiber jumpers?
> If so, can anyone point me to a source for said jumpers that is (1) quick
> and (2) good?
> Any thoughts on the same idea of mismatched fiber jumpers connector types
> to use on OLMs and OLSs?  OTDRs?  The concern here is to use the best
> possible fiber connector types (e.g. APC or UPC) when connecting lasers to
> my OSP fiber which uses APC with consideration to the optimal connector
> type for the laser transceiver.
> My thoughts are to use fiber jumpers with UPC connectors on the laser side
> with APC on and throughout the OSP, but if it should be purely APC
> everywhere, then that is what I need to know.
> Thanks!
> Lorell Hathcock