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Softlayer / Blocking Cuba IP's ?

Hello All, 

This is a shout out to Softlayer Network Admin / Policy folks...

We just went thru a painful process to find out that Softlayer has recently decided to block Cuba IP Address Space....(on their cloud services).

I am not a politician, nor any kind of a policy expert, However I have a ?questions for the SoftLayer folks...

On What basis, legal requirement, logic, ?have they taken on the responsibility to implement such a Block ? 

Considering the fact that such a block was just put in place about a week ago ? 
Last time I checked, blocking any part of the world is not part of any legal requirements on any Global Service Provider ? other than a 'company policy' ?

Also, the Last time I checked the US Cuba relations are getting better not worse!

Would love to know what was the reasoning behind such action !

Thank you. 

Faisal Imtiaz
Snappy Internet & Telecom