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Documentation on generating IOS-XR prefix and as path sets with rtconfig

courtneysmith at comcast.net wrote:
> Can anyone point me to examples of using rtconfig to generate IOS-XR
> configs? Specifically prefix and as-path sets. My Google skills are
> coming up short. The man page for rtconfig does not mention IOS-XR
> but it is supposedly supported. I get no farther than 'rtconfig
> -config ciscoxr'.

there's some support in the git master for irrtoolset
(https://github.com/irrtoolset/irrtoolset) for XR config in rtconfig.
It's been tested by at least one person.

If your main use case is handling prefix lists, you would be much better
off using BGPQ3.  This tool is far superior to irrtoolset for handling
prefix lists and will output to json which means that you can import the
data directly into any scripting language you like rather than having to
deal with the limited syntax supported by rtconfig.