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Cisco ASR9010 vs Juniper MX960

I would like opinions of the differences between these two platforms if

I was going to buy a used Juniper MX960 Router MX960-PREMIUM2-AC-ECM with
 2 x RE-S-1800X4-16G  and 3 x SCBE-MX-S. Then I was going to load this up
with a couple of older DPCE-R-4XGE-XFP 4x10GE DPC Enhanced cards.

Now Cisco has offered me a new ASR9010 with dual ASR9K Route Switch
Processor with 440G/slot Fabric and 6GB, and two 4X10GE / 16X1G Combo
Linecard, Packet Transport Optimized for about the same price as the used
Juniper. The only catch is the Cisco's support and warranty looks
very expensive per year, but that's hard to compare since a used Juniper
has zero support and warranty included.

If these were both brand new with support and warranty which would you
choose? If it were the used Juniper vs new Cisco which would you choose?

I know Juniper makes newer MIC cards that probably better compete with
these Cisco cards, but that is not option due to price.

New, Juniper wants to sell me a MX104 for the same price that I can get
this Cisco ASR9010. I think that is a no brainer to go with the ASR at that
point. I asked for new pricing on a MX240/480/960, but that was not even
close to the ASR9010 numbers.

I can also buy two ASR 9001's for the same price and as the single ASR9010.