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NTT Charles

AS2914 has a tradition of bidding farewell to technical team members who
move on via router dns record . Charles was one of our NOC engineers.

IIRC, we stole this idea from the vBNS team back in the 90s.


> On Feb 13, 2016, at 3:12 PM, Jared Geiger <jared at compuwizz.net> wrote:
> So who is this Charles fellow in the NTT reverse DNS?
> ge-102-0-0-0.happy-trails-Charles.r05.asbnva02.us.bb.gin.ntt.net
> ae-10.happy-trails-Charles.r22.asbnva02.us.bb.gin.ntt.net
> ae-5.happy-trails-Charles.r25.nycmny01.us.bb.gin.ntt.net
> ae-2.happy-trails-Charles.r08.nycmny01.us.bb.gin.ntt.net
> ae-7.happy-trails-Charles.r00.lsanca07.us.bb.gin.ntt.net

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