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Shared cabinet "security"

Segmented cabinets with outlets inside each space?
On Feb 10, 2016 9:01 AM, "Mike Hammett" <nanog at ics-il.net> wrote:

> I say "security" because I know that in a shared space, nothing is
> completely secure. I also know that with enough intent, someone will
> accomplish whatever they set out to do regarding breaking something of
> someone else's. My concern is mainly towards mitigation of accidents. This
> could even apply to a certain degree to things within your own space and
> your own careless techs
> If you have multiple entities in a shared space, how can you mitigate the
> chances of someone doing something (assuming accidentally) to disrupt your
> operations? I'm thinking accidentally unplug the wrong power cord, patch
> cord, etc. Accidentally power off or reboot the wrong device.
> Obviously labels are an easy way to point out to someone that's looking at
> the right place at the right time. Some devices have a cage around the
> power cord, but some do not.
> Any sort of mesh panels you could put on the front\rear of your gear that
> you would mount with the same rack screw that holds your gear in?
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