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Cable Operator List


I was able to find the Huawie solution:
Looks like its 32x4 capable today, and software upgradeable to DOCSIS 3.1
which is nice. Appears to also have a 10G uplink port on it. Seems like the
best solution tech spec wise I have seen so far. And probably cheap too!

The Sumavision one you linked to seems to be a 16X4 version, but future
improved to 32 channels DS and 10 channels US. Future improved to DOCSIS
3.1 Not sure if that means the hardware is already capable and just a
software upgrade or what.

I assume the Harmonic box you are mentioning is the is the NSG Exo:
http://harmonicinc.com/product/cable-edge/nsg-exo  According to specs its
only a 16x4 unit today. I don't think you can upgrade to greater than 16x4
since there is only a gig-e uplink. I see no mention of DOCSIS 3.1. The
stand (outdoor version) seems to be the same as the indoor.

The indoor version of the NSG EXO spec wise looks identical to the PICO
Digital miniCMTS200a. According to Daniel Corbe these two units use the
same chipset (along with the Blonder Tongue CMTS:
Based on pricing I have seen so far, the Pico is the cheapest. Harmonic is
a little more, and Blonder Tongue is a bit more than Harmonic. Out of these
three I would assume Harmonic is the most reputable?

I have not heard anything back from gainspeed. Based on the info on their
website, I am not positive they have an actual product released yet.

Not mentioned so far are Arris and Cisco. Any idea if either of these
vendors has a small and low cost model?