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Cable Operator List


Thanks for the information on these. Do you mind me asking what is a
ballpark for these devices? From what I have read/heard, the Huawei D-CMTS
was a 16x4 unit software upgradeable to 32x4 I thought. Is the one you have
software upgradeable to 32x4? Are these DOCSIS 3.1 capable.

Better yet, what does DOCSIS 3.1 or pre- DOCSIS 3.1 mean?

On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 10:13 PM, Richard Holbo <holbor at sonss.net> wrote:

> I'm in the middle of pulling some Cisco 7246VXR-UBR's (antiques) and
> replacing them with the Huawei D-CMTS devices.  From what I understand of
> your needs, the Huawei devices will do what you are looking for.  We are
> running 8x4, but can upgrade the licenses to 24x4 if we need the bandwidth,
> although at that point you will be more limited by the gig uplink.  I'm
> designing them to not serve more than 250 customers per cmts and they are
> running a single vlan on the cable side back to an ISC DHCP server with
> very simple config files served via tftp.  This allows me to group the
> CMTS's for reasonably efficient use of IP.  Have not done IP6 on these yet,
> but will fairly soon.
> They are actually designed to run as a ONT from the Huawei OLT (GPON), but
> will also accept a standard SFP and run off ethernet (that's how I'm doing
> it).  Compared to the other small CMTS's I looked at these are hard to
> beat. they are Hardened and can be mounted anywhere.  The config to do what
> I'm using them for is really simple (I'm a big believer in KISS).  Have had
> some in service for a few months now with no issues.
> I've used some 24 port VDSL switches in the past for MDU's and may
> actually pull some of those and use these where there is RG6 house wiring
> as they support a LOT more management than any of the smaller DSLAMS I've
> looked at.
> In this configuration I can easily support 100mbit service on DOCSIS 3,
> and my unlimited modems will speedtest all the way to 280mbs.
> /rh
> On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 10:24 AM, Colton Conor <colton.conor at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Yes, we are in the USA. So based on everyones recommendations, I am going
>> to stay far away from EURODOCSIS. I was told be a vendor that Arris and
>> other USA FCC certified cable modems could easily be flashed to EURODOCIS
>> mode, so I did not think the CPE side was that big of a deal (is that even
>> true). I was not aware that there were so many differences besides just
>> the
>> channel width.
>> So, assuming we are talking about DOCSIS only (and not EURODOCSIS), what
>> do
>> you recommend? I like the idea of being able to upgrade to 3.1, but not
>> sure if there are any small systems capable of this? By small I mean
>> something that could feed less than 100 units, and be economical to do.
>> Cable has the advantage of cheap modems, so it's really the CMTS side.
>> Please remember I am only interested in data internet services over this
>> plant. Something that works for garden style layouts where I can bring
>> fiber or coaxial to the side of a garden townhome that has between 4 to 16
>> units inside of it. The reason I requested a harden outdoor unit is that
>> most all of the garden style properties have both the phone
>> and coaxial drops on the outside of the building. There is no central
>> closet or room. Plus we are in the south, so hardened for the
>> heat exposure makes sense.
>> A remote MAC-PHY (or pre remote MAC-PHY, ala mini CMTS) sounds like what I
>> want. I will check into Huawei and Gainspeed. Who else makes these?
>> On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 11:24 AM, Scott Helms <khelms at zcorum.com> wrote:
>> > Nick,
>> >
>> > Absolutely, if your plant is in Europe or one of the other areas (lots
>> of
>> > Africa and the middle East is like that) that adopted EuroDOCSIS I'd
>> agree
>> > wholeheartedly.  I didn't see Colton say where they're located, but all
>> > North America is the US flavor so that's what I assume on NANOG.
>> >
>> > That being said, the best thing that seldom gets mentioned about D3.1 is
>> > getting us to unified channelization.
>> > Scott Helms wrote:
>> > > That very small upside for an extreme downside.Trying to hire someone
>> > > to work on your system with Euro channelization, not to mention buying
>> > > amplifiers and passives is a huge PITA.
>> >
>> > ... if your plant is in the US.
>> >
>> > > I have customers in Europe who
>> > > decided to do US DOCSIS and they universally wish they had used the
>> > > local "flavor".
>> >
>> > as you say, eurodocsis works well in europe.
>> >
>> > 3.1 will be a major improvement when it materialises.
>> >
>> > Nick
>> >