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replacing EPP?

In article <BLUPR05MB5954ABC8A12AB055084A8EDB4920 at BLUPR05MB595.namprd05.prod.outlook.com> you write:
>Has there been an discussion about  replacing EPP with something more modern?

No.  That was easy.  The spec has been updated a few times, most
recently by RFC 5730 and 5734 in 2009 but it hasn't changed much.

There is an active eppext working group in the IETF that spends most
of its time documenting and cleaning up EPP extensions that regstries
and registrars have been using all along but never got around to
writing up clearly.

A new protocol called RDAP is intended to replace WHOIS.  It's pretty
modern, blobs of JSON over http.  You can read all about it in RFC
7480 through 7484.  Some people want to use RDAP to check whether a
domain is available, but there's been a lot of pushback and advice
to use EPP, that's what it's for.