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Network Access to and from China Mainland

On Fri 2016-Dec-16 08:57:46 +0100, patrick at pahem.de <patrick at pahem.de> wrote:

>I have a customer based in Europe which have a subsidiary in China (Mainland) and also do a lot of businesses with China (Mainland). Lately the customer have a lot of issues with accessing websites which are hosted outside China from the subsidiary in China and sees also a lot of delivery problems with emails send to China. The SMTP-Gateway is located in Germany and in the logs we can see timeouts during the connection to the STMP servers in China (Mainland). I suspect that the Chinese Firewall has changed it's behaviour. Have anyone else currently similar issues with communication to and from China?

We gave up on fighting the GFW and got dedicated links between NA and 
locations in China.  No complaints so far.


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