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Cogent Router code updates during height of ecommerce season?

Are they not doing these during maintenance windows? Anytime we get a notice from Cogent, Level3, Att they are always during a maintenance window at least a week ahead of time.  We have yet to see any maintenance window notifications from Hurricane Electric.  Maybe our circuit has never had to have one in a few years. Or maybe they have so much redundancy it doesn?t matter and we never see the maintenance.  

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> On Dec 8, 2016, at 11:09 AM, Drew Weaver <drew.weaver at thenap.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Over the last several days we have had interruptions at multiple times in our service with Cogent due to them performing router code updates on multiple nodes. I know that some companies put these sorts of updates on hold during the holiday season but I was wondering if anyone has heard of any unannounced security flaws that only larger companies such as Cogent would be privy to?
> I am certain that if you have heard of these flaws you cannot post the details but a simple yes or no about the existence of such a thing is plenty for me.
> Happy Holidays
> Thanks,
> -Drew