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Looking for some Quagga experience to discuss 32 bit ASN + community issue with

Eric Germann wrote:
> Basically trying to advertise 4 byte ASN?s + communities, and then
> pick them off elsewhere in a private network.  Can?t get the config
> right for the route map to import them on the ?receiving? side.

yes, sounds about right.  There is a massive feature deficit regarding
BGP communities suitable for asn32s, in that the feature just doesn't
really exist yet.  This is being remedied at the moment at the ietf,
which has just moved the draft-ietf-idr-large-community internet draft
to "Publication Requested" state.

There are implementations here:


The feature hasn't made it into mainline quagga yet, but there is a patch.

Also, please prod your commercial vendors for support for this.