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Why the internal network delays, Gmail?

Im thankful Nate posted. Gmail isnt a small system that affects only a small
percentage of people worldwide, and therefore a perfect candidate for a mail-
specific list that many (and many nanoggers like me) arent part of, for lack of
additional bandwidth in life. 

However, gmail not working (similar to or not working)
shouldnt be on a mail-only or dns-only ops list im not part of: when
doesnt work, the complaints appear as "is there a power failure at your datacentre?"
to "my website is down!" - same deal with gmail, it's that big.

While I cant say exactly what that cutoff line is for mail and dns issues
being postable to nanog or not, I definitely know gmail is pretty much the top
of the pile (for now).

Thanks Nate!


On Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 05:31:59PM -0600, Nate Metheny said:
  >I was working within the limits of what I had available.
  >I apologize if people on the list consider a network and systems
  >administrator reaching out to peers for assistance with a particular
  >problem that is clearly network related is inappropriate for a network
  >operations group list that may or may not have Google or Google affiliated
  >employees or contractors on it.
  >I will use more discretion in the future.
  >Sent from a phone. Please excuse the brevity of this message and any
  >typographical errors.
  >On Aug 26, 2016 17:18, "Mark Foster" <blakjak at blakjak.net> wrote:
  >> Hi Mel, There's another mailing list called 'mailop' which is probably
  >> more appropriate for email related problems, than NANOG.
  >> And in response to Nate:
  >> I was in contact with Google and after some convincing and detailed header
  >>> information, they acknowledged that they are having internal MX issues and
  >>> assure me that they will deal with the issue promptly.
  >>> Initially they did not even acknowledge that there was a problem, so it
  >>> took several tiers of support people to finally see the issue.
  >>> I look forward to the ongoing exchanges on the list.
  >> Useful to know, but John is right - as cited, working through Google's
  >> support process, got somewhere.
  >> Further exchanges on NANOG are probably inappropriate.  A group like
  >> 'mailop' probably has a higher care factor, however.
  >> (I would also note that email delays that are demonstratably outside of
  >> your network (as headers will show) are very easily painted as something
  >> beyond your control, and the nature of email is very much 'best effort', so
  >> anyone playing the blame game needs a reality check. Just because email
  >> exchanges 'are often' near-instantaneous, does not mean they always will
  >> be.)
  >> Mark.
  >> On 27/08/2016 8:53 a.m., Mel Beckman wrote:
  >>> John,
  >>> With all due respect, it's S.O.P. for Nanogen to ask the list if anyone
  >>> else is experiencing a particular problem with some carrier or another. So
  >>> Nate's question is totally appropriate for this list. I know I've solved
  >>> several problems by airing them here and getting insight from other list
  >>> members.
  >>> -mel beckman
  >>> *snip*

Ken Chase - math at sizone.org Toronto Canada