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RIP ipv4 dominance

--- cb.list6 at gmail.com wrote:

This not RIP ipv4, but RIP dominance, on mobile, in the USA , ....

This is an epic milestone for ipv6


And from another point of view...  I just saw this over on MENOG:

From:  	"Ahmed Abu-Abed" <ahmed at tamkien.com>
To:  	"'menog at menog. net'" <menog at menog.net>
Subject:  [menog] IPv6 new milestone at Facebook
Date:  	Thu 08/18/16 09:39 PM
2016/08/16 - first day that more people used IPv6 to access Facebook 
than IPv4 from the 4 major USA mobile networks.

source: Paul Saab ? Facebook IPv6 team