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Zayo Extortion

On Wed, 17 Aug 2016 01:11:09 +0200, Jonathan Hall said:
> And either way, defamation requires some form of punitive damage be proven in
> order to act ually win that case.

In addition to the other things already pointed out, punitive damage doesn't
need to be proven.

*Actual* damages have to be proven.  Punitive damages are damages added
as punishment, to make sure the responsible party learned their lesson.

So fir instance, if a corporation's negligence results in a worker's death,
his family may be awarded $5M in actual damages for the loss of their loved
one - and then another $20 million in punitive damages, to make the corporation
(and possibly the industry segment as a whole) take notice that sort of
negligent behavior will not be tolerated....

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