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Email to text - vtext.com blacklisting ip


On 08/16/2016 11:51 PM, John Levine wrote:
> In article <CAN9qwJ-nH6gqrxy-K=GxKhbTzmzyC=8qA8AxO4DYvncxz5Dffg at mail.gmail.com> you write:
>> If it's critical I'd suggest a service than can depended on...
> Pretty much any VoIP provider has an API you can use to send SMS for
> 5c each or less.  Or if you're worried about your upstream connection
> dying, the cheap GSM modem is a good option.
> R's,
> John

honestly, if the backhauls to your NOC go down, you will not be able to
send email-to-sms messages at all. a dial-up solution with a fee is the
best option, imho. also best to use a 'collapsible rover' to keep pages
to a minimum ;)

(with a proper nod to the internet of 1996)