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Email to text - vtext.com blacklisting ip


     I have a server that monitors my network and issues text messages 
if there are events of note that require human intervention. There is 
some process filtering that ensures it also is not able to issue more 
than 1 alert maximum per 5 minutes, to ensure it doesn't flood pagers 
with messages all screaming the sky is falling when things are not going 
well. Recently however, this server is no longer able to deliver 
messages to vtext.com - it gets nothing but 554 errors:

telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
554 txslspamp10.vtext.com
Connection closed by foreign host.

Granted on some days during challenging times it can send 30 or 40 
messages before we get to it and get it squelched / silenced, but it's 
otherwise reasonably well behaved IMHO and I don't think we are any 
heavy volume sender. So I am trying to figure out why it's blacklisted 
then and am rolling snake eyes.  If anyone who is an admin for verizon 
or who has any insight to share I'd certainly appreciate it. Email to 
text is a critical function we depend on.

Thank you.