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Google compute engine private ASNs

The best way to learn BGP is using a network simulator such as GNS3. This way you can use industry-standard configurations and experiment with various failover scenarios. Http://gns3.org. There are tons of tutorials out there using Cisco BGP router syntax. 

 -mel beckman

> On Aug 8, 2016, at 2:05 PM, Lee Fuller <leefuller23 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey, first post so sorry if it's misguided. I'm curious about the BGP
> implementation in Google compute engine that allows you to define routing
> policy using private ASN numbers. How similar is it in terms of learning
> about BGP as a broader concept, or is it all smoke and mirrors?
> I'm not in a position where iBGP would benefit me in any other context than
> learning so I'm keen not to bother if it's too abstracted from a real world
> scenario.
> Lee Fuller (mobile)
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