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Advertising rented IPv4 prefix from a different ASN.

I'm not sure how bad of a practice it really is, however, I've seen it in
use in multiple networks and ASes who sublet their IP space, and far as
I've known, seem to work fine for most networks.

Of course, this may also cause the University itself to be subject to
unwanted traffic if for example the BGP session announcing the subletted
space goes down.

And, whether this violates the RIR regulations is another thing altogether.


Neo Soon Keat

2016-08-05 22:38 GMT+08:00 Tore Anderson <tore at fud.no>:

> * Mark Tinka
> > On 5/Aug/16 15:40, Soon Keat Neo wrote:
> >
> > > If you are just announcing more specific address space that you've
> > > obtained legitimately off their assigned address space, it should
> > > be no problem, just obtain an LoA and register it on the different
> > > databases and you should be set to ask your upstreams to allow the
> > > announcements.
> >
> > Do people actually do this?
> Just as an example: There are hundreds of more-specifics coming out of
> 8/8 that has a different origin AS than 8/8 itself, so yes, people do.
> Tore