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NFV Solution Evaluation Methodology

On Wednesday, August 3, 2016, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:

> > but, NFV isn't necessarily 'cloud'... It CAN BE taking purpose built
> > appliance garbage that can't scale in a cost effective manner and
> > replacing it with some software solution on 'many' commodity
> > unix-like-hosts that can scale horizontally.
> my main worry about nfv is when they need more forwarding horsepower
> than the household appliance <tm mo> has, and the data plan is is moved
> out of the control plane and they are not congruent.  we've had too many
> lessons debugging this situation (datakit, atm, ...).

YES!  This 1,000x.

The internet is a very interesting place when viewed from the lense of
Automata theory, greedy self optimizing nodes.... very similar to
biological systems (including economics ). Very robust since each node is
greedy and self optimizing in its decision making power.  This a
fundamental component of the Internet's suceess.

Some folks talk about sdn controllers and seperating control plane and
forwarding plane. This breaks the ability for nodes to self optimize and
thus undermines a key component of the robustness. It also diverts of the
parallels of biological systems.  Control and forwarding had beeb separate
on the node for almost 20 years now.

Sdn is like authoritarianism and divine creation rolled up into one and
sold at 20% premium to easily duped telco types that want to travel to
endless conferences

> beyond that, i am not sure i see that much difference whether it's a
> YFRV or a SuperMicro.  but i sure wish bird and quagga had solid is-is,
> supported communities, ...
> randy