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Level3 (3356) to outlook.office365.com via v6?

We have 2 customers complaining about this in the past 3 days - both using IPv4 only.  Glad to see this because maybe it?s a larger problem outside of our network.


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> Subject: Level3 (3356) to outlook.office365.com via v6?
> Curious if anyone else is having issues reaching outlook.office365.com via ipv6
> over Level 3?  Our customers have begun reporting failures checking email, and in
> the ones who have had this issue, are using the mail server name
> outlook.office365.com and are on v6.  Traceroute6 shows the traffic dying shortly
> into Level 3 land at 2001:1900:4:1::3d1 which is likely a Tampa-area router.
> Thanks,
> David

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