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Operations task management software?

We use redmine, combined with scripts that call it?s API to create automated tickets/tasks that NOC or engineers need to attend to.
Has email notifications, wiki, documents, files, code repo, calendar, customisable fields all built in.

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>Hi all, curious if anyone has recommendations on software that helps manage routine duties assigned to operations staff?
>For example, let?s say we have a P&P that says someone from the netops group must check that Rancid is successfully backing up all router configs bi-weekly.  Ideally, it would send an email reminder to this pre-defined group of people saying hey, it?s Monday, someone needs to check this and come acknowledge the task as having been completed.  If that doesn?t occur, pre-defined manager X is notified on Tuesday.  If manager X doesn?t get someone to complete the task, director Y is notified, so on and so forth.  Then, perhaps periodically it emails manager X anyway and says hey, it?s been three months, you need to audit netops to ensure they?re actually doing the Rancid audit and not just checking that it was done.  This could be applied to the staff who check on backup failures, backup internet circuit status, out of band interfaces, etc.
>A data center I looked at recently had QR code stickers on all of their infrastructure stuff and there were staff assigned to check and log certain displayed values each day.  The software would at least ensure they actually visited the equipment by requiring they scan the relevant QR code when in front of it.  So I figure something that does what I?m looking for properly already exists.
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