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DHCPv6 PD & Routing Questions

In message <20151126053449.GA22347 at eik.bme.hu>, =?utf-8?B?SsOBS8OTIEFuZHLDoXM=?= writes:
> > Well the requesting router could announce the route.  ISC's client
> > has hooks that allow this to be done.  That is, after all, how
> > routing is designed to work.  The DHCP server usually is sitting
> > in a data center on the other side of the country with zero ability
> > to inject approptiate routes.
> > 
> > The DHCP relay could also have injected routes but that is a second
> > class solution.
> A CPE announcing the route is fine as long as the ISP controls the CPE.
> If the CPE is controled by the customer, then the ISP's problems are
> similar. They need to find a way to filter the CPE's announcement so
> that it can announce only the prefixes delegated to it.
> Andr??s

Which is why I mentioned the DHCP relay.

Somewhere back towards the beginnings of this thread there was a
reference to a blog post that complained that they couldn't workout
how to send a git pull request to us.  I've forwarded that to our
dhcp team.  For future reference dhcp-bugs at isc.org or dhcp-suggest at isc.org
would have been fine places to send the request.  So to the bug
reporting form on isc.org which lets you select if it is bug,
suggestion or a security issue.  There also the general contact
form which would get to the dhcp team after being forwarded a couple
of times.

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