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Opinions on Arista 7280?

On 24/11/15 21:16, dcorbe at hammerfiber.com wrote:
> A 7606-S can be purchased refurbished for like 90% off list price.  The
> market is seriously glutted with them.

Not sure the OP was talking about 7600s. They're mostly End-of-Life, and
not in any way suited to the OP's requirements (MLAG missing, low
density, nothing like Arista 7280)

If the Cisco refurb route is available, N7K is probably obtainable
through those channels. You'd be surprised what companies lease and then
throw back for whatever reason.

And in relation to Brocade: I'd feel very uncomfortable throwing any
*new* money at MLXe, CER or CES. Strategy for those families seems to
have fallen off of a cliff.