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DHCPv6 PD & Routing Questions

In article <xs4all.85AC9398-125E-4078-86DA-63962DF76662 at delong.com> you write:
>Unfortunately, PD is really still in its infancy in terms of development
>and real running code for complete implementations throughout any
>sort of site hierarchy.

Well, it works for us. Connect a second router (Fritz!box) behind
the primary one and it works. We can't see how many customers
actually do that but potentially it could be hunderds of thousands,
so in practice it's still thousands or tens of thousands.

I'm always amused by people saying IPv6 is difficult or impossible
for various reasons and that real implementations of X and Y
do not exist while we've been doing it for years. Probably because
we didn't really know what we were getting into and simply started.
The only way progress is ever made, it seems :)