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looking for hosting sites for CAIDA Ark measurement infrastructure


we are seeking additional Ark vantage points
( http://www.caida.org/projects/ark/ )
to support a variety of projects but especially motivated by our 
NSF-funded project to map and measure interconnection in the Internet:


(recent paper describing the current method:

we are looking to build as complete a map as we can of the
interconnections between U.S. residential broadband access
providers and their neighbors. so our priority is vantage
points in the homes of U.S. access providers (especially high
b/w access providers).  but if you are interested in hosting
an Ark node anywhere, please let me or monitor-info at caida.org
know where/when. we will send a raspberry pi monitor out to 
you stat.

some faq info on hosting a monitor:
and the infrastructure project itself:

thanks very much,