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DNSSEC and ISPs faking DNS responses

> And it may only take a secondary use case to reach critical mass.  People I
> know who use WhatsApp seem to have started using it to avoid per-text
> charges, not to get end-to-end encrypted messaging.  But now, even if
> Facebook's estimate [2] of 450 million WhatsApp users is 90% inflated,
> there are 45 million people using encrypted texting, which I would not have
> predicted.

I think the number is much higher than that due to Messsages+iCloud usage
by iPhone and other Apple products also constituting end-to-end encrypted

Yep? Just a few years ago, nobody cared about end-to-end encrypted text,
today, still most people don?t know or care what it is, but I bet there are enough
people using it without even realizing to constitute ?most? or something very
close to it. (Between Skype, WhatsApp, Messages/iMessage, and others).