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DNSSEC and ISPs faking DNS responses

>> At this point very few client resolvers check DNSSEC, so something
>> that stripped off all the DNSSEC stuff and inserted lies where
>> required would "work" for most clients.  At least until they realized
>> they couldn't get to PokerStars and switched their DNS to
> If the ISPs don?t start blocking well known public resolvers or even just
> blocking port 53 in general (which has been known to happen).

I doubt the ISPs in Qu?bec would have much sympathy for this proposed law. 
It makes their life harder and provides them no benefit.  Should it pass 
(remember, it's just proposed), I expect they'd just adjust their DNS 
caches to block responses for the list of domains that the government 
mails them and claim they're in full compliance.