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Google Captcha on web searches

On Tue 2015-Nov-10 09:28:09 -0800, Joseph Jenkins <joe at breathe-underwater.com> wrote:

>We started getting a Google Captcha for our web searches this morning. Does anyone have contact info for Google so that I can contact them and figure out where the traffic is coming from on my side or what service it is going to so that I can track down the users?

Out of curiosity: Is this happening with IPv6-capable hosts?  We've had 
instances where Google flags our dual stack hosts and pops up Captcha's 
like you're reporting when connecting via v6, but where we've never had 
problems accessing their services from the same host(s) over v4.  Flipping 
the affected host's browser over to using v4 using a browser extension 
let's them access Google services again.

https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/86640?hl=en is too 
generic/vague to give any specifics of why Google decided the user's v6 IP 
is put on the nasty list (or even whether it's their IP specifically or 
something larger like a /64).

>Joe Jenkins


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