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Prefix hijack by INDOSAT AS4795 / AS4761

Hi Randy,

Assuming that your prefix is (AS29889 - FSNET-1 - Fast
Serv Networks, LLC) none of the mentioned more specifics are currently
seen from the RIPE NCC's RIS network, see the Looking Glass widget:


though there has been some BGP activity going on since 11:49:42, see the
BGPlay and BGP Update Activity widget. In both cases the originating ASN
was AS29889.


On 26/03/15 15:46, Randy wrote:
> All,
> Info gathered off-list indicates this may be a couple of issues in our
> case - possible routing leak by 18978 (check your tables!) and more
> specifics on our prefixes from 4795 that we couldn't see before the leak
> hence the apparent hijack.
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