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BCOP appeals numbering scheme -- feedback requested

Charles N Wyble <charles at thefnf.org> writes:

> Use a git repository.
> Make tagged releases.
> This enables far easier distributed editing, translating, mirroring etc. And

A fine idea in theory, but not quite as much traction in reality as bcp38.

Creating a need for a BCP for retrieving BCPs so that you get the
right version rather than typing "git clone" and erroneously referring
to whatever is tagged "-develop" seems like a Bad Plan.

It's also not a really reasonable method for distributing
point-in-time documents once people are done with collaborating on
creating them.  Most end consumers will not care about the change

> you can still do whatever release engineering you want.


> A wiki is a horrible solution for something like this.

Agree 100%