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Friday Fun: UK Government (Dept of Work & Pensions) selling off an entire "/8"

Perhaps I'm odd, but I find the novelty of this to be amusing:

IPv4 Market Group Announces the Availability of a Significant Portfolio of
> IPv4 Addresses for Purchase in the RIPE Region:

> IPv4 Market Group, a global leader in IPv4 sales, has just announced the
> availability of up to 2.6 million top quality IPv4 addresses for purchase
> in the RIPE region. The firmâ??s Executive Vice President for Business
> Development, Jeff Mehlenbacher, said that the IPv4 blocks are being offered
> in multiples of /16, with up to 7 contiguous /16â??s and 40 /16â??s in total
> IPs.



It's related to this blogpost:


...and I gather that perhaps - although it's currently being marketed as a
bunch of /16s - they might also entertain the possibility of selling it as
an entire /8 for a reasonable price.

I'm wondering: have we passed the point of peak IPv4 scarcity? Is selling
an entire /8 still a viable proposition? Apparently UK Gov may have more
than one...

    - alec