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Phone adapter with router

On 11 March 2015 at 11:04, Aled Morris <aledm at qix.co.uk> wrote:

> Can't find a definitive reference but this concurs with my recollection of
> a policy introduced in 2009:

Better reference:


1.3. Availability of 112 from mobile handsets without SIM cards

 By way of complementary information, the countries were invited to
indicate whether SIM-less 112 calls were allowed. Out of the 31 countries
that provided this information, SIM-less 112 calls were reported possible
in 19 Member States, Norway and Iceland. The remaining eight Member States
that do not provide this facility are Bulgaria, Germany (in both these
countries the facility was removed in 2009), the Netherlands (removing the
facility in 2011) Belgium, France, Romania, Slovenia, and the United
Kingdom. Several Member States chose to remove this facility because of the
high proportion of hoax calls originating from SIM less phones.