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Symmetry, DSL, and all that

"Naslund, Steve" <SNaslund at medline.com> writes:

>>>From a Verizon press release last summer, all FIOS speeds are now symmetric. 
>>> And no one cares.  I don't even see Verizon commercials crowing about 
>>> how great it is to have symmetry.  If customers loved it that much 
>>> don't you think they would market that way?
>>You must not get out much.  There's a whole Verizon ad campaign about "half fast Internet".
> And no one seems to care about it.  By the way, Verizon commercials
> do not run everywhere.  Like Chicago or anywhere else that FIOS is
> not available.

So let me get this straight - you conclude that there are no
commercials and opine that nobody cares because you're not seeing FIOS
commercials that talk about how great their symmetry is...  when you
live in a place that there is no FIOS.  It's almost as if someone
knows how to target their marketing dollars isn't it?  Shocking.

> Steven Naslund
> Chicago IL

Rob Seastrom
Leesburg VA
75 symmetric FIOS, 9.9ms to Equinix.