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Verizon Policy Statement on Net Neutrality

If the price were the same, I'd go with 50/50.

That way my uploads would take even less time.

It isn't about the averaged total, it's about how long each event takes, 
and backing up 4GB of files off-site shouldn't have to take an hour.

On 02/27/2015 03:11 PM, Scott Helms wrote:
> Daniel,
> "50MB/s might be tough to fill, but even at home I can get good use 
> out of the odd 25MB/s upstream burst for a few minutes."
> Which would you choose, 50/50 or 75/25?  My point is not that upstream 
> speed isn't valuable, but merely that demand for it isn't symmetrical 
> and unless the market changes won't be in the near term.  Downstream 
> demand is growing, in most markets I can see, much faster than 
> upstream demand.
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