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Verizon Policy Statement on Net Neutrality

On 3/1/15 1:26 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>>> It was the combination of asymmetric, no or few IPs (and NAT), and
>>> bandwidth caps.
>> let's not rewrite history here: IPv4 address scarcity has been a thing
>> since the very early 1990s.  Otherwise why would cidr have been created?
> CIDR had nothing to do with address scarcity. CIDR was invented for routing
> table slot scarcity in Cisco AGS hardware of the era.

nope sorry, both are justifications...


There are not according to 1993 era RFC's, enough class B and A networks
to go around...

(there still aren't)

We were around then and we got the patch.

> Routers running out of BGP table space wasnâ??t just a fear at the time, it was
> a real problem on a number of networks, including, but not limited to SPRINT
> and MCI who were the big dogs in the fight at the time.

your cisco ags+ wasn't going to make it over the hump.

> NAT, OTOH, is an address conservation mechanism which has unfortunately
> of late been mistaken for a security tool. If only people would realize how much
> NAT negatively impacts security, manageability, etc.
> Owen

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