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Verizon Policy Statement on Net Neutrality

> On 02/28/2015 07:55 PM, Barry Shein wrote:
> > And given lousy upload speeds the opportunities to develop for example
> > backup services in a world of terabyte disks is limited. At 1mb/s it
> > takes approx 100,000 seconds to upload 1TB, that's roughly one week,
> > blue sky.
> If that terabyte drive holds little files and the backup program uses
> incremental backup, a slow upload rate shouldn't be all that painful.
> Video editors need to look at local-network solutions for their backup,
> at least until upload rates increase by a factor of 10 or better.
> It just hit me:  when one has just a hammer in his toolbox everything
> starts to look like nails.  Network-based storage could just be one of
> those.

That was probably true back when Ethernet was 10Mbps ... let's say 1992.
But then along came 100Mbps in 1995, and 1GbE in 1999, and then 10GbE in
2002.  In the period of 10 years, the technology became 1000x faster.

I don't buy that "network-based storage could just be one of those."
Just because the broadband networks we have today aren't up to the task
doesn't make this a reasonable point.

Remember that the National Information Infrastructure was supposed to
deliver 45Mbps symmetric connections to the end user back in the '90's,
a visionary goal but one that was ultimately subverted in the name of
telco profits.


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