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Headscratcher of the week


	In the interest of sharing 'the weird stuff' which makes the job of 
being an operator ... uh, fun? is that the right word?..., I would like 
to present the following two smokeping latency/packetloss plots, which 
are by far the weirdest I have ever seen.

	These plots are from our smokeping host out to a customer location. The 
customer is connected via DSL and they run PPPoE over it to connect with 
our access concentrator. There is about 5 physical insfastructure hops 
between the host and customer; The switch, the BRAS, the Switch again, 
and then directly to the DSLAM and then customer on the end.

The 10 day plot:

The 30 hour plot:

	How can you possibly have consistent increase in latency like that? I'd 
love to hear theories (or offers of beer, your choice!).

Happy friday all!