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Cat-5 cables near 200 Paul, SF

I could suggest a few places. Might want to call ahead to make sure
they'll have what you need:
- Central Computer. Has locations in San Francisco and San Mateo. SF
maybe closer, but will take longer with traffic and parking.
-- http://www.centralcomputers.com/commerce/misc/sanfrancisco.jsp
-- http://www.centralcomputers.com/commerce/misc/sanmateo.jsp
- Frys. Much further. Closest shop would be Palo Alto
-- http://www.frys.com/template/isp/index/Frys/isp/Middle_Topics/H1%20Store%20Maps/palo%20alto/
- Jameco. Has some limited Ethernet cable selection. Has a will-call
pick up at their warehouse in Belmont.
-- http://www.jameco.com/