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Cat-5 cables near 200 Paul, SF

We talked about this the other day. I think the consensus was.. In San
Fran, you're best off to head over to Fry's. I'm foggy, but I believe the
word was Fry's in lieu of Microcenter etc. I think we also heard some
people reply back with Graybar.

On 5/31/13 4:15 AM, "Tuc" <tuc at admarketplace.com> wrote:

>Hate to be "that guy" but really need help. Anyone know a place near 200
>Paul in SF with a major quantity of cat-5 cables? Like 30 8ft blue, 20 8ft
>grey, 30 5ft blue. Need them today due to ex-employee's poor inventory
>Thanks, Tuc