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Mail contact needed at CenturyLink.com

The Outages list is receiving hard bounces from *some* email address hosted
at Qwest/Centurylink.

Alas, the bounce message comes from "qwestrsp at centurylink.com", and neither
the headers nor the message body *identifies the invalid address*.

This does not seem to conform with best practices.  :-)

If you're in responsible charge of that mail service, could you please
contact me off-list, that we might track down who it is, and maybe modify
your bouncer to properly include the bounced address?

(Side note: what error messages are generate by *code you've written*, folks,
that don't include parameters because "they should be obvious to the sender"?)

All replies off list, please, this is cross-posted[1].

-- jra

[1] Why? Because I'm not trying to fix only my own problem.
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