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Network Research

On 25 May 2013 13:55, Jeroen Massar <jeroen at massar.ch> wrote:
> Networking "research" for which organization?

I am currently undertaking a research project for a masters degree in
advanced networking, with The Open University, in the UK. I am
researching for no company. I intend to conduct the research as part
of my dissertation, then upload my dissertation containing the
research results, for all and sundry to freely read and distribute (if
it interests them!). Hopefully it will, and more importantly, I hope
it will be beneficial to someone, and an educational read.

>> All results will be anonymised when published.
> Published how and where and for what purpose?

In its simplest form, I will upload the the dissertation to the
Internet and send the link round, so that anyone who wants to, can,
read it. "Published" Is the wrong word there I suppose, as in research
terms "published" often means published in a journal article, for
example. I simply meant  "published" as in "realising the
information", "disseminating it to the general populous". Although, I
will be trying to find someone to publish it it in the true sense,
although I'm not counting my chickens (if anyone is interested, drop
me an email off-list).