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Reclaiming legacy allocation transferred to APNIC?

On 5/23/2013 9:25 AM, James M Keller wrote:
> All,
> $DAYJOB has a legacy block assignment that was transferred to APNIC from
> ARIN under the Early Registration transfer project back in 2003...
> ARIN whois queried directly still shows the /16 block has ARIN contact
> information, but walking it down from the /8 APNIC has no data other
> then the /8 block information and the ERX comment.  However on the ERX
> page listing the transferes, the specific /16 block isn't listed under
> the /8 as it appears to be for others that had been transferred.   The
> So my question is who do we work with now?  ARIN or APNIC for this
> block?   Do we need to join either RIR just to update records, or is it
> just painful manual process without having membership and website logins?
> Off-list if specifics for the block in question are needed.
> Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the off-list responses.   I'll follow up if I run into a dead
end on this.

James M Keller