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Dear NANOG Gods

Would you happen to have a link for a flight case that would fit a 1-2u server? I was in the same situation a few days ago and ran the risky proposition of building my own box.

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Hi Warren,

On 2013-05-21, at 14:48, Warren Bailey <wbailey at satelliteintelligencegroup.com> wrote:

> I need to ship some Dell servers, and my google skills have gotten me nowhere. Is there a decent place to find standard server size shipping boxes? Located in Socal if anyone has an extra or two.. ;)

The last time I had to ship a box myself I went to the local UPS Canada office, since they evidently will pack and ship rather than just ship.

The last time we had to ship a number of (Dell, actually) boxes from ICANN in LA we bought some flight cases that we could rack the servers into. Our thought was to go for reusable, rather than one-off (and we had doubts about the state of the boxes upon arrival if they weren't securely packed; a flight case with 19" rails inside seemed like a good bet).

We found the flight cases with only minimal googling, but if you're having trouble Mehmet could no doubt hook you up.

And if you're close to El Segundo and we can get the flight case back when you're done, you could probably just borrow ours :-)