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Inventory and workflow management systems

On 5/20/13, Justin M. Streiner <streiner at cluebyfour.org> wrote:
> I remember looking several years ago at a commercial fiber plant
> management application called Mapcom.  It looked pretty good, but it was
> pricey, and no one wanted to spend the money on it.  So... fast-forward to
> 2013.... and we're still using spreadsheets :(

See, this is a problem....   standard  spreadsheet programs are such a
great competitor.

How can you possibly justify the time and expense of developing
software, if spreadsheet programs always wins against your product,
because of its low price,   so that there is no net income  that is
feasible to be made  in that venture?

Maybe the answer is,  someone did make the program...  it's just
Excel,  and developing more detailed custom software could be a good
idea if it provides greater utility than the applicable cost of
development --  once you have it though,   maybe  you don't want to
sell it because it provides a competitive edge,  and noone would be
willing to pay enough  for product and support anyways....  :)