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High throughput bgp links using gentoo + stipped kernel

On Mon, 2013-05-20 at 11:23 +1200, Ben wrote:
> With regards to security of OpenBSD versus Linux, you shouldn't be exposing any
> services to the world with either.  And it's more stability/configuration that would
> push me to OpenBSD rather than performance.
> And with regards to crashing I'd try and figure out what was happening there quickly
> before making radical changes.  Is it running out of memory, is Quagga dying?  Is
> there a default route that works when Quagga crashes?  One issue I had was I found
> Quagga crashing leaving a whole lot of routes lingering in the table, and I had a
> script that'd go through and purge them.


We've been running a small AS with BIRD on Linux(debian) without any
issue in two years of production on two software routers so far:


It uses less than 100MB of RAM per IPv4 DFZ, we run around 100 BGP 
sessions in 350M of RAM (process virtual).

Looking glass developper by our members: